Crumptown Farm


Crimson Sweet, one of the many Heirloom Watermelons we grow

2020  CSA
Runs from Early May- Mid October, 2020

  A CSA is a subscription program consisting of a weekly delivery to a regional pick-up point of fresh, Certified Naturally Grown produce that comes from our farm directly to you!

We Grow everything we sell! 

We do not purchase anything from off the farm to distribute to our CSA

or re-sell at Farmers Markets.

Our CSA gives members the choice of LARGE, SMALL and MINI shares so that you can select what works for you and your family!

What are the Benefits?
You will receive share boxes for 25 weeks of fresh, Organically raised, high quality, cleaned produce.
Eating with the seasons is healthy and fun!
When you compare our CSA price with the cost of buying Organic at the store, if will be clear that you are saving money! Plus, you can't find vegetables this fresh and nutritious in any store! The vegetables you receive from the CSA didn't spend weeks in transit coming from across the country or the world.
Reconnect with your precious, essential food chain.
Exposure to new vegetables and recipes.
Significantly reduce your carbon footprint by eating locally.

How does it Work?
We will be dropping the shares off for you to pick up at several regional locations.
Richmond- CSA pick-up- St. Stephen's Farmers Market - Saturday Mornings
Farmville- YMCA- Wednesdays-  11-6pm
Crumptown Farm- Wednesday afternoons 3-6pm


Mini Share- $275.00 + VA State sales tax $7.00= $282.00- An average weekly value of $11.  Ideal for the single person or couple who eat at home only a few times  a week

Small Share- $425.00+ VA State sales tax $11.00= $436.00 - An average weekly value of $17.  For the family of 1-2

Large Share- $675+ VA State sales tax $17.00=  $692.00 - An average weekly value of  $27. For the family of 3-4 or the voracious vegetarian couple!

Trial Run Share- $312.50+ VA State sales tax $7.80= $319.80 Still not sure about 25 weeks of fresh veggies? Try a trial run for 12 weeks and then choose whether or not to continue. This is only available for the Large shares.  Cash or Check only.

                                                   MINI                                                                        SMALL                                                             LARGE


Payment Options for the 2020 CSA

We accept Cash, Check and Credit Cards.

  • Pay with Paypal from above. You will receive a confirmation email confirming pick up location and CSA size.  We will mail you a hard copy of the registration form that you can bring with you to the first pick up. 
  • Pay Cash, Check or Credit card at the Farmers Market at St Stephens
  • Mail a check and Membership form to us.

Deals and Discounts
Early Bird Special-

Join our CSA before February 15th, 2020 and receive one week free.
That is a discount of $25 for the Large, $16 for the Small, and $10 for the Mini.
Best Buddy Deal-

Get a friend to join our CSA with a share of equal or greater value as yours and receive a week free. For example, if you are signing up for a Small share and a friend of yours purchases a Small or Large through your recommendation, you receive a discount of $15 off your price. Make a notation at the top of your CSA membership form or send us an email about the person joining. 

Splitting Shares?
 Feel free to split a share with someone! But if there is only one melon that week, y'all have to work it out amongst yourselves. No fighting please!
 If you are traveling during the growing season for a week or two, a friend or family member can pick-up your share and enjoy. Or we can donate it to a food bank. If you travel frequently during the farming season, you may want to consider a farmers market credit instead.
 If a share is not picked up or you are away for the pick-up day, we always donate that share to a family. 


$20- Shipping included

Hemp Flower Balm

We grow several varieties of CBD Hemp from Colorado seed in our unique blend of Farm grown worm castings and Organic Alfalfa.  Next,  just the flowers are steeped for 6-8 WEEKS in Olive oil to Cold Infuse all available Turpins and Cannabinoids into the oil.  This is the main ingredient for our Balm and creates a uniquely high quality skin balm great for chronic aches, pains and skin irritation.

Ingredients: Hemp infused Olive oil, Organic Beeswax, Vitamin E, water, Aloe, Peppermint oil, Lemongrass oil

It is available at Ellwood Thompsons in Richmond, Mandala Cafe at Yogaville and at the Farmers Market at St Stephen's from our booth.