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the place naturally good food calls home!
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Crumptown Farm is the place naturally good food calls home! We are a Certified Naturally Grown, small family farm located in Buckingham County, the Heart of Central Virginia. We love growing rare Southern Heirlooms that excel in taste. Our land is 100% chemical free and our produce is raised from non-GMO, chemical free seeds in our own greenhouse. All of the seeds that we begin with are either untreated or Certified Organic.  We are passionate about bringing our customers Certified Naturally Grown vegetables of the highest quality possible. Our methods include soil enrichment by encouraging microbial life through Biodynamic preparations, Japanese Natural Farming techniques, cover cropping and providing beneficial insect habitat. Taste, freshness and nutritionally rich produce grown using natural methods are our main goals.

Please visit our CSA page for costs and information for the 2014 season!   

Here is when the CSA pick-ups will begin:

Richmond- South of the James: Saturday May 3rd, 8-12noon
Richmond- Lakeside Farmers Market: Wednesday May7th, 3-7pm
Farmville- Crumptown Farm: Wednesday May 7th, 3-6pm
Farmville-YMCA: Thursday May 8th, 11-6pm
Farmville- natural Pheul: Thursday May 8th, 1-6pm
Also, instead of your NAME appearing on your bag, this year there will be the SIZE on your bag instead. For example, if you purchased a MINI share, you would pick up a bag that says MINI on it. There will be a clip board to put a check beside your name so that we know you or your representative has picked-up the appropriate bag. This will help us to streamline things administratively. Having the different sizes of CSA shares makes for much more work organizationally for us and this would simplify things. If you have any questions, please let us know

Summer veggies from the 2013 season.
Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Heirloom Tomatoes, Garlic, Heirloom Squash and lots more!             
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