$22 per 1 OZ. tin-  shipping included

$32 per 1 OZ bottle

shipping included

$32 per 1 OZ. bottle

shipping included

CBDA Hemp Flower Products

We grow several varieties of CBDA Hemp from Colorado seed in our unique blend of Farm grown worm castings and Organic Alfalfa and soil.  Next,  just the flowers, no stalks,  are steeped for 6-8 WEEKS in Olive oil or alcohol to Cold Infuse all available Turpins and Cannabinoids.  This is the main ingredient for our Balm, Oil and Tincture.  It creates a uniquely high quality skin balm and pure oil that are great for chronic aches, pains and helps facilitate healthy skin naturally. 

Balm Ingredients: Hemp infused Olive oil, Organic Beeswax, Vitamin E, Peppermint oil, Lemongrass oil

Oil Ingredients: Olive oil, Hemp flowers

Tincture ingredients:  Alcohol, Hemp Flowers
(contains alcohol)

It is available at Ellwood Thompsons in Richmond, Mandala Cafe at Yogaville, VA  ,  Natural Phuel in Farmville and at the Farmers Market at The Farmers Market at St. Stephens and you can click on the buttons above to order online for delivery by mail.

Order online through PAYPAL to have mailed directly to you!

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​Crumptown Farm

5721 Crumptown Rd.

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